Another Options trading program on the market… Big Profit and No Risk?  Can this program really deliver on the promises…find out in this review below:


Options trading is one of the most popular and sought after ways of earning money but it also has its own risks involved. While talking about this kind of trading it would be simply wrong not to mention Options Profit Accelerator. It is an Options trading product that has been released by Bill Poulos, the man who has coached thousands of successful traders, all having significant impact within the trading community. This product is another terrific educational one which is sure to benefit everyone who comes across it and use it thereby. The strategies associated with it and the huge array of benefits that it provides are simply astonishing…

It can be called the gateway to make instant income! While realistically you would be able to earn up to 2% extra money in a week, you are automatically able to earn 8% more every month and this would, in return mean, a simple 104% more earning in a year! By trading in this unusual way, you could be a gainer in so many ways! The best part of using this product is having the free systems, strategies and also the education before actually using the product. In order to know whether this product suits you, you would have ample scope to try out the strategies yourself and see how it all works for you. After being confident with the product, can you actually go ahead and use it for earning extra money instantly.

Who Is Bill Poulos?Bill Poulos

The trouble with trading techniques and strategies is that the majority of them come from amateurs. I don’t mean folks which know nothingabout trading … but certainly people who don’t understand enough to start teaching other people. Bill Poulos however, has more than 35 years of trading experience, and integrates his vast experience trading the stock exchange with his master degree in business administration to formulate a few of the most efficient approaches readily available. He’s had more than 35 years to profit from his mistakes and improve his strategies, so it makes sense that this program (published 35 years after he started trading) is going to be a pretty thorough overview to making real profitability on the stock exchange.  Most respected traders who have looked for trusted systems and strategies will know Bill Poulos due to the fact that of the number of excellent quality courses he has developed … and in my opinion the Options ProfitAccelerator will be another effective program under his belt.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

Since you can learn step by step, the entire process of learning become easy and makes you feel like a winner. Some of the great features of this Options Profit Accelerator are:

  • 1 Year of Weekly Video Trade Recommendations. Posted once a week by Bill and his team Monday thru Friday after the markets close.
  • The step-by-step training videos and blueprint lets you learn the trick of the trade and make the most of it if you only prefer this method.
  • Members Website with Bonus material as well as updates.Options Profit Accelerator
  • 1 Year Unlimited Premium email and Live Chat Support
  • 8 Live Group Coaching Sessions to answer questions and remove any doubt you have  (limited time bonus- can be taken away at any time)

It is a great advisory service that succeeds in finding the safest market trades and accordingly with its two steps, locks profit in.

You would love to know that with little training and even with a little account, you could do trading quite successfully. With the help of the tools provided in this well-designed offer, you can confidently venture into the currency markets.

Pros and Cons: There are some definite advantages that you could earn by using Options Profit Accelerator.

1. You can trade with minimal amount of money. You are free to take as little or as much risk as you want. Thus you can always calculate the amount of risk that you are likely to take even before spending your money.

2. This product would let you enjoy the benefits of fast returns and high rewards. You would like the fact that in binary trades the expiry times are shorter relatively; this time can range from fifteen minutes to a week’s time. By being able to trade quickly in the market, you could earn huge returns and some successful trades could also make you earn good profits.

3. Trading with Options Profit Accelerator is very simple. You need not be an expert in the field to be able to trade this. As little interest in it and some training could make you very comfortable in the trade and make you earn profits.

4. Another great thing about this product is that as a trader, you can highly afford to make low investments. Initially it is always wise to start off with low investments; as you gain experience and develop more expertise, you can proportionally keep on increasing your investment. But even with low investment, you can trade successfully and earn your profits. When you start off with low investment, you are likely to incur negligible loss. Thus you would never lose your confidence and be free to learn the tricks of the trade while you make profits and losses in due course of learning.

5. Options Profit Accelerator is such a boptions product which lets you trade anywhere and anytime. The online trading platforms let you trade via your desktop or laptop or even your mobile phones and you can get into the trade whenever you feel like. Since the assets are traded internationally, the trade is open 24*7.

6. The videos attached to the product are of immense significance. You could easily earn by following the videos. The approaches shown there are exciting enough to prompt you to start using them right away.

7. The concept of credit spread strategy is also very interesting. When you learn to use it with low-risk and precise points, you could actually generate a consistent income as weeks progress. You would see that while trading, the option to call or put is an extraordinarily simple arrangement.

8. The very fact that every trade has a defined outcome before you even finalize it, would make you somewhat relieved and excited too. You would be free to decide whether the price of an asset would shoot up and trickle down by virtue of its expiry.

9. No Big Home Study Course To Wade Through

10. No software to install – you just use your broker’s trading platform

11. No gimmicky ‘automated robots’ to damage your account

12. You simply ‘copy & paste’ the weekly video trades that Bill provides, and place them with your broker..

13.  60 Day Money Back Guarantee guarantee-blue


The Disadvantages:

We couldn’t really come up with any except if you think too much about it with ‘what ifs’ and just don’t take action you’ll never go anywhere.   Successful people just get it done.


Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, it can be said that having Options Profit Accelerator is a win-win situation. By virtue of the candlestick trigger method, you would know about the rules, the steps, the entry and the exit orders. The downloadable PDF and the videos of the trading methods would augment your skill and know how and let you succeed in your trade. You would simply enjoy making quick bucks. You could make money so easily in the intervals of just minutes and hours. The very concept of the complicated financial markets simply does not exist in this trade.

The product is so simple to use that all your work gets done without any hassle and complications. You would also not feel limited to one market and not be bound by space and time. You are free to operate as per your choice and conveniences. One of the biggest merits of using this product is the transparency that you enjoy. There are no surprises here. You would be aware about the outcome well before. Thus you can always trade with a relaxed mind. After all, sound mind would always let you take more sensible decisions and thus earn profits more.

The fun and excitement in trading options would simply double when you use Options Profit Accelerator. Once you feel happy with it, you would surely recommend the same to your peers and earn their appreciation too. After all, nothing could beat the fun of earning more money with ease and in no time. This product is an excellent tool for easy income. Like every other thing, this product would also have a share of some shortcomings. But when you sit and weight the merits and demerits in a balance, you would be startled to see how the merits outweigh the demerits and the product turns out to be a favorite option! Enjoy trading and earning money; more experience and more trade would make you earn more and more money and the success that you earn would inspire more of your friends and family to follow in your footsteps.

The Options Profit Accelerator advisory service is a must-use product and a great companion of any coming options trader!


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With less than a day left before the Options Profit Accelerator goes live, Bill Poulos’s son, Greg, captured a quick live Q&A interview with him in his “trading lab”…

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